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Fancy's Bone Cafe Menu by spidyphan2 Fancy's Bone Cafe Menu :iconspidyphan2:spidyphan2 1 1 Sanz's Mother Crystal by spidyphan2 Sanz's Mother Crystal :iconspidyphan2:spidyphan2 3 0 Sanz's Bad Time Head by spidyphan2 Sanz's Bad Time Head :iconspidyphan2:spidyphan2 3 3 Fusion of Sanz and Chrissy by spidyphan2 Fusion of Sanz and Chrissy :iconspidyphan2:spidyphan2 1 0 Sanz Ben Pride by spidyphan2 Sanz Ben Pride :iconspidyphan2:spidyphan2 1 3 Fusion of Sanz and Sharexagon by spidyphan2 Fusion of Sanz and Sharexagon :iconspidyphan2:spidyphan2 1 0 SpongeBob - Sponge Out Of Water by spidyphan2 SpongeBob - Sponge Out Of Water :iconspidyphan2:spidyphan2 3 3 OC Snans aka Bee Commission - Undertale by spidyphan2 OC Snans aka Bee Commission - Undertale :iconspidyphan2:spidyphan2 0 0 OC Sams Commission - Undertale by spidyphan2 OC Sams Commission - Undertale :iconspidyphan2:spidyphan2 2 0 OC Dans commission - Undertale by spidyphan2 OC Dans commission - Undertale :iconspidyphan2:spidyphan2 1 0 Sanns Head - Commission Request by spidyphan2 Sanns Head - Commission Request :iconspidyphan2:spidyphan2 3 0 Ultra Omega Sanz Skull by spidyphan2 Ultra Omega Sanz Skull :iconspidyphan2:spidyphan2 2 2 Genocide Sans loses Papyrus by spidyphan2 Genocide Sans loses Papyrus :iconspidyphan2:spidyphan2 6 3 Toy Story WxJ Proposal by spidyphan2 Toy Story WxJ Proposal :iconspidyphan2:spidyphan2 3 3 Will You Marry Me Jessie by spidyphan2 Will You Marry Me Jessie :iconspidyphan2:spidyphan2 2 5 Country Proposal by spidyphan2 Country Proposal :iconspidyphan2:spidyphan2 2 3


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Fancy's Bone Cafe Menu
Menu for a RP on IMVU

Main Dishes:

Chicken Alfrado
Grilled Chicken tossed with fettuccine and
fresh alfrado sauce.    $13.50

Spaghetti & Meatballs
Traditional meat sauce over spaghetti with meatballs
(or Italian sausage).   $12.25

Lasagna Classico
Layers of pasta, meat sauce and mozzarella, ricotta, parmesan
and romano cheese.   $12.50

Steak Toscano
Grilled 14 oz choice cut Strip steak brushed
with Italian herbs and extra-virgin olive oil. Served
with Tuscan potatoes and bell peppers.   $19.95

SeaFood Alfredo
Sauteed shrimp and scallops tossed with creamy
fettuccine alfredo.   $14.75

Herb-Grilled Salmon
Salmon filet brushed with Italian hebs and
extra-virgin olive oil. Served with seasoned
broccoli.   $15.75

Pork Filettino
Grilled pork tenderloin marinated in extra-virgin
olive oil and rosemary. Served with Tuscan potatoes and
bell peppers.   $16.25

Sanz's Special Tacos
Grilled Chicken, bell peppers, tomoatos, cheddar cheese, sour cream, with Fajiti Seasoning.   $20.08

Soups and Salads:

Bowl of Chowder  
Served with clams and potatoes  $5.44

Homemade Chilli
Served with Tillamook cheddar, diced onion and served with
sourdough garlic bread.  $6.39

Oyster Stew
Fresh N.W. Oysters stewed in heavy cream with delicate spices topped with a dab of butter. Served with sourdough garlic toast.

House Salad
Classic Salad with greens, tomatos, carrots, onions, and olives
with any dressing.   $5.36

Chef Salad
Julienne ham and turkey with sliced hard boiled egg, American Swiss cheese homemade croutons, on a bed of fresh greens with tomatoes, fress mushrooms, cucumbers, red onion and served with the dressing of your choice.   $12.99

Tuna Stuffed Tomato Salad
Flowered tomato stuffed with fancy Albacore Tuna salad, on a bed of greens. With dressing of your choice.   $12.39

Jello - $1.23
Coleslaw - $2.11
Fruit Cup - $2.56
Sweet Potato Fries - $4.10
Onion Rings - $6.59
Applesause - $1.45
Steamed Carrots - $3.26


Espresso soaked lady fingers layered with cocoa and sweet
Italian mascarpone.  $5.75

Red Velvet Cake
Five layers of moist red velvet cake filled with coconut pecan
cream.  $6.25

Carrot Cake
Four layers of homemade cake with organic cream cheese icing.  $6.25

Chocolate Lava Cake
Warm Molten Chocolate Cake with Homemade Green Tea Ice Cream.     $8.85

Lemon Meringue Pie
A tart cream custard with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles with a candy chocolate coated lemon wedge on top.
$ 8.64

Raspberry Sherbet
2 scoops of freshly homemade raspberry sherbet, topped with fresh rasberries.   $3.16


spidyphan2's Profile Picture
Sanz Ben Pride
Artist | Hobbyist | Film & Animation
United States

Hi my name is Chrissy but now liked to be named Sanz Ben Pride! I am a F to M Transgender. My favorite color is lime green, black, purple and blue. I hate the color pink and I hate prissy girls that don't like getting dirty and I hate anything thats deals with girly things! I love Toy Story!!!!!! Woody is my first favorite and Jessie is my second favorite! I think they both should be together! I love Great White Sharks, and love Dinosaurs, and dragons! I wanted to go for Disney/Pixar but school is just too hard for me so I stopped my dream. I will still love art no matter what! I have IBS aka Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I am very nice, honest, caring, loving. I hate ppl that bully ppl on who they are like their personality. I also have Mulit-Personality Disorder. I love making friends even though its hard for me b/c ppl pick on me all the time b/c i act like a child and picking on me that I bring my Woody around all the time where ever I go. If you are that kind of person that bullies ppl like that PLEASE LEAVE NOW OR I WILL REPORT YOU!!!!!! Thanks! :aww:

My Interest:

:bulletgreen: Love playing video games! I am a huge gamer!!! :D Im a huge Nintendo fan! I also play IMVU and Undertale.

:bulletgreen: Love to swim when its summer!

:bulletgreen: I love to draw Woody and Jessie, and Undertale! I also like drawing sharks, dinosaurs, MLP, spiderman, Transformers which i barly post! ^^;

:bulletgreen: I love going shopping but only going to Hot Topic, Gamestop, Toys R Us, Disney Store, Build-a-bear, Hallmark and Spencers and Box Lunch.

:bulletgreen: I love watching tv, but only certain shows like Spiderman, Transformers Prime, Transformers G1, RL Stine, Goosebumps, Grimm, My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic, SpongeBob, cowboy shows, Dinosaur documentaries, shark documentaries, and Shark Week!

:bulletgreen: I like going fishing, and biking.

:bulletgreen: Im a BRO and a BOSS! Love PewdiePie + Jacksepticeye!


:bulletblue: Music: Taylor Swift (old songs), Katy Perry(older songs), Disney/Pixar Soundtracks, Toby Keith, and Alan Jackson, certain Dubstep like MLP or toy story, Undertale Music

:bulletblue: Animals: Sharks, cats, dogs, hamsters, rabbits, horses, reptiles meaning frogs, lizards, snakes etc. I have more just ask me if i like your certain animal!

:bulletblue: Movies: Toy Story 1, 2, 3, and the shorts, Spider-man 1, 2, 3 , Transformers 1, 2, 3, All of the Pixar films, some Disney, most of all Marvel films, Jurassic Park 1, 2, 3, and all JAWS films!

I have more likes...I just can't get them all on here!


:bulletred: I hate butterflies, prissy girls, mean ppl, twilight, Justin Beiber, Miley Cyrus, Madonna, old movies like black and white kind, the color pink, my stomach disease, BEING A FUCKING GIRL :'D, traveling (have car sickness), books (I hate reading unless its about Woody and Jessie stories), and I HATE PPL THAT ARE KILLING SHARKS AND TURNING THEM INTO SHARK FIN SOUP. AND I HATE MY EX's.
I have more dislikes just can't fit everything on here!

Ok everyone....I will tell you this....I AM THE NUMBER 1 WOODY FAN! GET IT GOT IT GOOD! :D :iconwoodyrapefaceplz:

My other accounts for dA are :iconsheriffwoody92: :iconbuzz1452: :iconmichaeljackson58: :iconwoodyissadplz: :iconpissedoffwoodyplz:

My stamps that represent me:

My Cowboy Sheriff Woody Pride:

I love Woody and Jessie as a Couple! :love:

I am a Transformers Fan:

I Love Undertale!!!!! :love:

I Love Pewdiepie! Brofist!:heart:

I support all Sharks!

Metroid Gamer Fan! :heart:

I love Animal Crossing!

Im In Love with My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic:

:iconapple-bopplz: :iconrain-bopplz: :iconrarity-bopplz: :iconflutter-bopplz: :icontwilightboogieplz: :iconpinkie-bopplz: :iconscootabopplz: :iconderpy-bopplz:

What Animal Are You?
What Animal Are You?
Hosted By Anime

My Family:
:icontwilghtsga97: - My real sister

:iconfangdarkling: -My bestest friend/sister in my hometown!

:iconmusicfan1324354657: - My bestest friend aka "little sister"....we talk on skype and she respects me and woody together and her woody dolls is in love with me! We love each other like sisters! :aww:

:iconglam-baby: - My "older sister" that I love and care for her! Love you sis! :iconhugplz: Also we webcam!

:iconbluerosepetalsqueen: - My "older sister" that I care a lot and when she is depressed I help her feel better by showing her pictures of MJ! Also we webcam!

:iconmissgingerice: - My "little sister" that I care so much about! We talk about Woody and Jessie and how much we love them together!

:iconkimmycub1234: - My "little sister" that we talk about Toy Story! We both are obsessed with Woody and think he's sexy! We chat on skype on webcam and we play with our toys on skype too! She is just a little sweet heart! :3

:iconprincesskatara: - My "sister" that we talk to on facebook, dA and we talk about woody and jessie too! She cares about me and I care about her! I love you sis!

:iconbadcowboy69: - My "big sister" that gives me Woody pictures and we talk to each other and talk about our cowboys! :3

:iconreaverpan: - My "Big Brother" that loves Disney Pixar and we both have things in common! :) I love you big brother! :huggle:

:icondreamerzlust17: - My "sis" that loves Woody and Jessie together and me and Woody together! She helps me out on things like helping me with my group and helping me though things I don't understand! I love her so much! :huggle:

I have more friends but I don't feel like putting them all on so if I didn't mention your name...don't get sad b/c I love you all as my brother and sister! :iconhugplz: :iconannieisnotok:

Journal History

I might be back into drawing now....ive been on drawing block for a very long time and im sorry i havent been on dA much anymore but im trying to get back on now. Im starting to do commissions for ppl on Facebook on a toy story collection group im in so im starting to make some money! ^.^
I have mostly been on Facebook, YouTube, skype, and IMVU.
I hope to hear from my friends that use to talk to me on here. :)
Im doing ok as i wife and taking care of my husband. :meow:
I also went on my honeymoon to disney world so if you want to see my trip go to my YouTube channel Spidyphan2. :)
I met Woody and he loved me! ^3^
Spending time with my family on skype...cant have thanksgiving with food until sunday cause my husband works today and and doesnt have off until sunday and monday. So tonight ill be spending time on IMVU with my friends and Woody my cowboy! ^^
Happy Thanksgiving to you all! Love you! :heart:

  • Listening to: my video
  • Watching: my video
  • Playing: IMVU
  • Drinking: pink lemonade




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